Jonathan Frost Music Publishing


I've been playing music since the 3rd grade, I've found a deep passion for it in my high school years; it's never been something else to do anymore. I am most proficient on the saxophone, however, I can pretty much play anything.

I graduated from South Fork High in 2012. I am now attending Indian River State College for their AA in Music program. I wish to get a BA in Music Composition from Belhaven University in Jackson, MS I wish to get a MM in Wind Ensemble Conducting from the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA. If my music career continues, I wish to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for a MM in Music Education. 

I'm also an avid computer nerd. Me and a good friend of mine are the co-founders of an indie game company. Hoping to settle down in Durham, NC, I wish to achieve a BS in Computer Science from UNC at Greensboro to make this company a success.

I like most Jazz. Rocking out to the swinging of the 40's, blasting my ears out listening to the Stan Kenton Orchestra and the Maynard Ferguson Band, to chilling out to Pat Matheny. Traditionally, I really enjoy the Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, 20th Century, and 21 Century time periods. I also enjoy the nationalist music from Russia from the 18' to the 19'. My favorite composers would be: Bach, Vivaldi, Ravel, Debussy, Holst, Shostakovitch, John Williams, Rossano Galante, Eric Whitacre, Morten Lauridsen, and John Mackey.

  Jonathan Frost